An abbreviated verbal report is provided to the owner on site including recommendations for
improving flow, editing and packing, and basic improvements necessary to showcase their home.
This is limited to one hour and available through Realtors with a coupon at no cost to the Seller.

The Showcase Report is a detailed curb to backyard fence staging analysis for the creation of a
warm, inviting and neutral environment. Working with the homeowner, we establish the groundwork
for making the right first impression and getting top dollar for your home. This report is provided in
writing and consists of recommendations for implementation by the homeowner to finish the
recommended changes themselves, or partially or totally by the Cottages and Castles team as
outlined in the bid for services.

Based on the homeowners' budget, we will prepare a bid for services for the changes outlined in
the Showcase Report, which will include the cost of our service as well as any contractors required,
furniture purchase or rental, accessories, plants, yard clean-up, etc. Our goal is to use the
homeowners furniture and accessories and only add items where there is a significant return on the

Our services include complete interior and exterior staging using existing homeowner or rented
furnishings from our inventory, or a combination of both. We offer this service for 1 room to the
entire home.

A property walk through is provided prior to your first Brokers' open house as a courtesy to make sure
the home is in top showing condition.  This service is provided with the Showcase Report through
Hands-On Staging.
Home staging is optimizing
marketing exposure through
professional home design to
showcase the most positive
features of a property.  

Depersonalizing the home to
appeal to the widest buying
audience with the highest rate
of return on invested time and
financial resources. Home
staging is an affordable way to
obtain the highest price for a
home in the least amount of

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