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Homeowners - Frequently Asked Questions

My house isn't worth being professionally staged!

Even spending a mere $500 for an initial consultation should net you thousands in return and
speed of sale based upon statistical data. In the previous statistics, unless the house is under
50K this argument is invalid.

The housing market is good and my house doesn't need to be staged to sell.

You are right. Every house will sell.  It's a matter of when and for how much. Even if your house
sells quickly in a good market, it doesn't mean it sold for the amount it would have sold for had
it been professionally staged. Remember, professionally staged homes sell on a conservative
average for 6%+ more*. If your home sold for 400K unstaged it probably would have sold for
425K staged.

Why can't I just stage my own home?

Home sellers are usually incapable of successfully staging their own home. Why? Because our
homes are like our children, we don't always see all of its flaws. We've gotten used to the way it
looks and in fact it is difficult emotionally to change it. If you can't view something objectively
then you are unable to market and package it effectively. Not to mention most home sellers
don't stage homes everyday for a living. That's what professionals are for and that is where the
greatest returns come in.

Can't homebuyers use their imagination and look past the decor?

Only a mere 10% of homebuyers can actually visualize the potential of a home. This is why
having a vacant home professionally
staged is so important. Buyers cannot visualize size
and scale so furniture helps to give them a frame of reference.
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